Programme Summary


Bijoypur Gonobiddalaya

It is our main school where the youths come for leadership training along with skill training. The young students go through morning assembly, physical exercise, yoga, meditation, communication games, interactive classes on social issues and a skill such as sewing, block printing, electric house wiring of their choice. The course runs for six months six days a week. Till date, 2921 numbers of students have graduated from the school out of which 2646 numbers are female.

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Community Development Centres are the adult functional literacy schools of PP. Each CDC runs for six months with 20 students. So far, 8390 numbers of adults have completed CDC courses and out of which 6720 numbers are female.

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  Community Leadership Development Centres are the newest addition of PP’s activities. CLDCs are the satellite community centres for the people of the remote areas. We have a library and send newspapers everyday for the people. The centres have a hallroom which is used for any positive social gathering. We also provide agricultural extension service through CLDCs.

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SPACE stands for School of Performing Arts for Community Empowerment. As the name suggests SPACE is essentially an education project. The vision of the project is to Utilize theatre pedagogy as a participatory tool to disseminate and communicate information related to human rights, community, society, culture, education, legislation, state, good governance and general awareness for the trainees and the society as a whole. Emphasize on ‘need based development’ through participatory process towards building a civil society in Bijoypur Union. One of the objectives of the project is to use of culture as a participatory communication tool for advocacy for creation of self consciousness in the Bijoypur Union and the nearby areas as well as to promote culture through it, contribute to the development agenda of the civil society. SPACE maintains a skilled theatre troupe comprising of young students of Protiggya Parishad. The performances of the troupe have been well appreciated among the local, national and international audiences. Currently, SPACE is at its second year.

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Ex-students Association is an independent sister organization of Protiggya Parishad where the PP graduates are eligible for membership. ESA has more than four hundred active general members and a 15 member executive committee. Having the similar goals and objectives with PP, ESA and its members are the strongest partner of PP and its activities.

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Savings and Credit

PP started credit activities from July 1999. The main reason for introducing credit programme among the skill trainees was for utilizing their newly acquired skill as well as for supporting their family income. Under the CSP no fund was available for credit programme. PP generated fund through savings of their members, collection of donation from individuals and organisations. CDS, a national NGO provided a donation of Taka 3 lacs to PP. Savings programme is naturally linked with credit programme.

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Agricultural extension service

PP has a vast range of agricultural training among its target group people. The main trainings are on raising poultry, beef fattening, goat raising, vegetable growing, vaccination and fisheries. To support the training PP also have extension services where we provide cow vaccines at subsidized rate, supply hybrid free raising poultry, provide vaccines of poultry, supply vegetable seeds, etc. These services are given in the remotest areas of our target area where the other available sources are not present at all.

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Basic Computer Training

PP has a basic training course on operating computer for the youths form its own fund. This course offered to the SSC and HSC drop-out students form the same target group people.

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Workshop/ Seminar/ Conference

Workshop on Monitoring & Evaluation

Mrs T. Abdullah and Dr. Suraiya Begum arranged a workshop on ‘Monitoring and Evaluation’ on the May 2001 at PP office. All PP staff participated in this workshop. More

Workshop by FIVDB

A two days workshop on the literacy materials was held at PP office by FIVDB (Friends in village Development) from 30th March to 31st March 2002, 21 CDC students & 21, CDC teachers attended this workshop. Mrs. Mabud Fatema Kabir, Executive Chairman inaugurated the workshops as Chief Guest. The experts from FIVDB contacted the workshop. Our students and CDC teachers gained much experiences from this workshop. More

Workshop on Self-reliant of PP

A workshop on ‘Self-reliant of PP’ took place on the 26th August 2002 at the conference room of PP. Managing Committee members and al PP staff participated in this workshop. At the end decision was taken to strength the normal activities of PP and efforts be made to earn money from various sources. More

International Workshop

Mr. Imrad Zulkarnine Imon, member National committee of Mr Amanullah Instructor (Agri) Attended the international workshop on ‘ Financial Sustainability-a Challenge for Development work from 23.10.02 to 28.10.02 at Mitraniketan, Kerala, India. More

International Conference

Mr. Imrad Zulkarnine Imon, Member, National Committee of Mr. Aman Ullah Instructor (Agri) participated a Conference on ‘Social Responsibilities in on Individualistic Era’ from 29th October to 31st October 2002 at Mitraniketan, Kerala, India. More

Workshop on Vision of PP

A workshop on vision of PP was held in 2003 at PP office. All staff and MC members attended this workshop. Mrs. Mabud Fatema Kabir, Executive chairman conducted the workshop. At the end of the day the decision to establish a democratic community in a sustainable empowered environment where all people shall have mutual self respect, sense of dignity, unity and brotherhood was taken. The should be motivated to spend their life time for establishing positive moral values in the community. More


Workshop on “Difference between right based development and charity based development"

A workshop entitled “ Difference between right based development and charity based Development” was held on 07.06.03 at PP office. All PP staff participated in this workshop Mrs. T. Abdullah, Advisor PP.Ms Gunhild Jensensen Intl. Coordinator FFD, Mrs Mabud Fatema Kabir Executive Chairman and V.C. Md. Siddiqure Rahaman also participated. More

Workshop on the Future Model of Bijoypur Union.

Mr. Imrad Zulkarnine Imon conducted a day long workshop among the skill training students and selected ex-students on the future model of Bijoypur Union and mutual expectation between PP and its members. About 110 students participated the workshop in 2004. More

Workshop by Mr. Christina STA.

Ms. Christina STA conducted a workshop at PP office with this CDC teacher on the 15th January 2004. Her main aim was to see how the CDC classes can be made more interesting and lively. More

Workshop at CGB on ESA

Mr. Amanullah, Instructor (Agri), Ms Laksmi Rani, Supervisor, Ms Taslima, Chairperson, ESA and Ms. Nurun Naher, Treasurer, ESA attended a three day workshop on the future prospect of ESA facilitated by Mr. Bo Espersen, STA at Central Gonobiddyalaya, Sonargaon in 2004. More

International Conference.

Mr. Imrad Zulkarnine Imon, Member, National Committee attended an international conference on The Right to knowledge and Development-Liberal Audit Education in a Global Context’ organized by Nordic Council of Folk High Schools in Moshi, Tanzania from 25th September to 3rd October,2004. More

PRA Training

A “PRA Training” of staff members was organized from 16th September to 21st Sept. 2006. Two expert of FIVDB, Sylhet, conducted the training. More

Round Table Discussion

A Round Table Discussion was held on the 23rd July at the Auditorium of Engineers Institute, Dhaka with a title “Importance of Non Formal Education to Restore the Diminishing Human values in Bangladesh.” The keynote paper was written by Dr. K.M Serajul Islam Khan a renowned Educationist of Bangladesh. Dr. Syed Manjurool Islam, Professor Dhaka University, Mr Sardar Asaduzzaman of DANIDA, Mr. ARMM Kamal, Chief Trainer NGO Forum, Mr Ramendra Mojumder, Cultural Activist, Mrs. Tahrunnesa Abdullah, Development Consultant participated as discussant while Mr Thanvir Mokammel, Film Director was the Moderator of the discussion programme. National level NGO leaders were also present. T.V. and National newspapers highlighted the event with importance. More

Communication Workshop

Workshop was held on 3rd & 4th December 2005 on “Communication Between Students & Instructors” conducted by Miss Anna & Miss Lene of Denmark for the teachers and students of PP. More

Strategic Planning

Special workshop was held on 18th & 19th January 2006 on the strategic plan of PP. All staff and some members of Management Committee and Village Committee attended the workshop. Mr. Kamal Ahmed of NGO Forum, Dhaka conducted the workshop while Mr. Imrad Zulkarnine Imon assisteded Mr. Kamal in this respect. More

Good Governance Workshop

A special workshop on “Good Governance at Grassroots Organization - Problem, Prospects and Solution” was held from 9-11 August 2007. Mrs Mabud Fatema Kabir Executive Chairman, Md Alam Mia, Chairman, National Committee, Siddiqur Rahman, VC, PP senior staff, school teachers, cooperatives leaders, ex-students attended. Mr. Imrad Zulkarnine Imon conducted the workshop. More

NGO Management Course in Denmark

Mr. Imrad Zulkarnine Imon, Executive Joint Secretary of PP attended a NGO Management Course 2005 from 29th August to 11th Nov. 2005 at Arhus, Denmark under the Danida Fellowship Programme. More


Other Social Activities

Tree Plantation

Protiggya Parishad with the help of staff and trainees planted 4500 trees on the road side of village Noapara and Lalmoti from 22nd July to 30th July 2003. Apart from this another 3000 trees were planted by our staff and students during the 2nd phase. As such the total number of trees stood at 7500. More

International Women’s Day

PP always observes the International Women’s Day on the 8th March, But, in the year 2003 this day was observed in a bigger way. Some three thousand village women participated and paraded the village road in a big rally. Mrs Begum Rabeya Chowdhury, Vice-Chairman BNP Central Committee , Mrs Jahanara Begum. a veteran social worker and Mrs. Mabud Fatema Kabir, Executive Chairman, Protiggya Parishad were also present. Mr Tarikul Islam, D.C Comilla attended as Chief guest. Local NGO Leaders & Elites of the area participated in the discussion session. Mohammad Alam Mia. Chairman National Committee, along with M.C Members and staffs organized the function. More

International Literacy Day.

Pritiggya Parishad observes the ‘ International Literacy Day” on the 8th Septembsr. PP arranges rally in the village road with banner and featoon., arrange discussion and cultural function to motivate the village people. More


Protiggya Parishad always observed the Eid-E-Milad-un-Nabi by arranging Milad-Mehafil and discussion session. Staff, trainees, M.C members & elites of the area join the Milad-Mehafil and offer doa for the well-being of the members and people of the area. More

Meeting With M.P.

Managing Committee Members of PP had a special meeting with the local M.P Mr. Monirul Huq Chowdhruy at the liaison office, Dhaka on the 19th February 2002. Executive Chairman Mrs. Mabud Fatema Kabir apprised the Member of the Parliament about the activities of Protiggya Parishad. Mrs. Gunhild S. Jensen Intl. Coordinator FFD also remained present in the meeting. Mr. Monirul Huq Chowdhury assured all help for PP. The meeting ended with a dinner offered by the Executive Chairman. More

Arsenic Test.

Mr Amanullah, Instructor (Agri) got training on Arsenic Test from the NGO Forum, Comilla. He tested the drinking tub-wells around PP office and some other villages and marked those tube-wells as arsenic free. PP provides this service to our members on request. More

Visiting Doctor Program

A medical doctor visited Protiggya Parishad twice a week to see patients around the target area for three years. However, the program has stopped for some unavoidable reasons. PP wishes to restart the program in the coming phase. More


Two picnics were held during the Second phase. The first one was held on 10th February 2001 and the second one on 12th June 2004. Both the picnics were arranged at the Rajespur Forest Bit a beautiful picnic spot of Comilla. M.C members, staff,skill trainees and ex-students numbering 130 & 135 participated respectively.
The leaders of the ESA was given responsibility to plan and organize these picnic spots, cultural function, discussion session and raffle draw. The arrangement was excellent. The students took it as a means of learning by doing. More

BTV News

Bangladesh Television broadcasted the news on Protiggya Parishad six times on the important activities held during the Second Phase. They are on the visit of Danish Ambassador, observance of International Women’s Day (8th March) and drama presented by ESA member, etc. More

WATSAN Activities.

PP is running WATSAN (Water & Sanitation) program in collaboration with NGO Forum, Comilla. Our aim is to remove the open air latrine by ring latrine. PP has taken program to distribute sanitary ring latrine to the members on easy terms. From only 2000 to June 2004, PP produced and sold 615 number ring latrines to the members & public. More

Vaccination (National Immunization Day)

Protiggya Parishad participated in the National Polio Vaccination at PP office and paduar Bazar Crossroad on the 18th January and 29th February 2004. Ex-students, current students and some staff participated Mr. Imrad Zulkarnine Imon a member of the National Committee led the team on the 18th Januray and Mr. Amanullah Instructor (Lit) led the group on the 29th February. WHO,UNDP,UNICEF,JAICA, DG Health representatives visited the camp and appreciated the performance. Civil Surgeon informed us that PP vaccination camp stood first in the Comilla district. More

Birth and Death Registration.

Protiggya Parishad has conducted a ten days campaign to register all births and deaths of the target area for the period of January 2001 to November 2004 (three years). The running students of the skill training course volunteer themselves to run this campaign door to door of every household of fifty three villages. Total 3253 number of births and 295 number of deaths have been recorded through this campaign. These records have been submitted to the Upazila office for the official registration which is under process. PP will keep this registration service going from the next phase through CLDCs. More