Ex-Students Association



Ex-students Association is an independent association of Protiggya Parishad where the PP graduates are eligible for membership. ESA has more than four hundred active general members and a 15 member executive committee. ESA and its members are the strongest partner of PP and its activities. The activities of ESA are supported by Protiggya Parishad and its projects. The main objective of this organization is to build active leadership among the youths of the community and keep them associated with the activities of PP.



ESA participates and assists in almost all the activities of Protiggya Parishad. The members of ESA are part of the local community and they help organizing all the community based events of PP. Moreover, ESA has other own activities. They are:
  • Organizing regular meetings
  • Organizing AGM
  • Organizing skill development trainings for the Executive Board members
  • Organizing workshops and lectures
  • Organizing trainings for the members
  • Advocacy on developmental issues through
    • Rallies
    • Human chains
    • Drama
    • Cultural shows
    • Oral campaign
  • Observing national/ international days

Current Executive Board

ESA has a fifteen member Executive Board. Following are the names of some key people of the current EB:

President Israt Jahan Rupali
Vice-President Habibur Rahman
Secretary General Raihanul Hoque Shabuj
Treasurer Imran Hossain
Joint secretary Mohammad Dulal
Secretary, Promotion Zahirul Islam
Secretary, Library Aysha Mojumder Shumi
Secretary, Culture Kamrul Hasan
Secretary, Sports Anwar Hossain
Secretary, Social Welfare Mukta Akhter