About Protiggya Parishad

Vision of PP
Build functional democratic civil society in Bangladesh with positive moral values in a sustainable empowered environment.

Mission Statement

Protiggya Parishad is a non-governmental, non-political, social organization working in Comilla district of Bangladesh to increase the marginalised groups' capacity for self competency and to build up their capacity to influence the decision making processes in the family and nearby villages.

Protiggya Parishad use non-formal life oriented education among the underprivileged youths, women and men, to make them as opinion leaders in decision making process so that they can work spontaneously, out of social responsibility, as change agent. In the process, PP will contribute in creating a humane and active civil society keeping the cross-cutting issues of development in mind such as good governance, gender, human rights, health and environment. PP will contribute in eradicating poverty, both physical and mental.

Protiggya Parishad ensures community participation in its all activities involving local government, local administration and people from all segments. PP believes that the power lies within people.

With a committed work force, strong partnership and network, PP strives to make positive social changes by complementing the national and UN’s policies.

Background of PP

In 1988, Protiggya Parishad, a committee of some committed people organized themselves in Bijoypur Union of Comilla district in Bangladesh to change the illiterate and underprivileged people of the area into a productive force of the nation. The population of the Union was 67000 (1985 Census Report). There was 8486 families of which 987 were absolute landless and 1226 families were marginal farmers (BBS 1995). PP with its limited resource organized the disadvantage youth of the area and provided education, skill development training and credit facilities to support in income generating activities of its members.

The vision of PP was to build a community where all people of the area should have mutual self-respect, love and affection for each other and they should be inspired to utilize their lifetime to develop their community as an ‘Abode of Peace’. ‘Education’ had been taken by them as the vehicle to reach their goal. With the help of a local NGO, named ‘Nijera Shikhi’, PP established some community based literacy centers named Community Development Centre (CDC) in the project area and started credit program from their own support and from funds from a local NGO, named CDS.

PP was highly encouraged with the philosophy of Grundtvig whose idea of education was to be non-formal as to teach a few things about life to the poor illiterate youth of farmer families. The vision behind his philosophy was to build a democratic society in Denmark, the idea which was eloquently adopted in other Scandinavian countries. In 1995 an appraisal team from FFD, Association of Folkhighschools in Denmark, visited the area and found them committed to reach their goal. In 1997, PP started Bijoypur Gonobiddalaya analogous to the Danish Folkhighschool which is still running with full flow under the name of Community School Project. In 2004, Royal Danish Embassy of Bangladesh extended their hands of cooperation and contributed another NFE project namely SPACE (School of Performing Arts for Community Empowerment) targeting the same target group.


Protiggya Parishad is registered member of Social Welfare Department of Bangladesh
Protiggya Parishad is a registered member of NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh
Protiggya Parishad is registered member of Women Affairs Department of Bangladesh
Protiggya Parishad is a member of CAMPE (Campaign for Education, Bangladesh)


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