Protiggya Parishad – A Committed Committee

Welcome to Protiggya Parishad, Protiggya Parishad (PP) is a social organisation working for the disadvantaged people of Bijoypur Union of Comilla Sadar South Upazila to develop leadership of the youths through non-formal education. Since 1988, PP is striving to establish a democratic community in a sustainable empowered environment where all people shall have mutual self-respect, sense of dignity, unity and brotherhood. They should be motivated to spend their life time for establishing positive moral values in the Community.

We use non-formal education as a main tool for leadership development and we have made some significant achievements in this sector. We call it – a school for life – which means learning for life, learning from life and life long learning. We are for the welfare of helpless, underprivileged and exploited people of Bangladesh and to infuse knowledge and consciousness to the youth who are the backbone of the nation. We would like to utilize our experiences on education in order to expedite our journey towards building a functional civil society in a sustainable environment.